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The Healing Bar

7 African Powers Incense Red

7 African Powers Incense Red

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Ignite the mystical allure of the 7 African Powers with our vibrant and aromatic Red Incense blend. Crafted with precision, this incense pays homage to the revered deities associated with the 7 African Powers, each symbolizing distinct energies and qualities.

The 7 African Powers, deeply rooted in African diasporic religions, represent a pantheon of deities and spirits known for their guidance, protection, and transformative powers. Our Red Incense is specially formulated to invoke their presence and create a sacred atmosphere for spiritual practices, rituals, and meditation.

Infused with a rich blend of traditional herbs, resins, and spices, the Red Incense releases a fragrant symphony that elevates your space. The deep red color is symbolic of passion, strength, and spiritual vitality, enhancing the overall ambiance with warmth and energy.

Whether you are seeking divine guidance, protection, or a connection with the spiritual realm, the 7 African Powers Incense Red is a powerful tool to amplify your intentions and create a sacred space for your spiritual journey. Price is per one incense stick

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