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Against Spells Candle - Black - 7 Day

Against Spells Candle - Black - 7 Day

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The Against Spells 7 Day Candle in Black is a beacon of protection and repulsion, designed to create a shield against the dark forces of negative magic and malevolent intent. It is a symbol of one's resolve to safeguard their well-being and repel any curses or hexes that may be directed their way.

Here's how this candle is typically used:

  1. Protection and Warding: Light this candle with the intention of creating a powerful protective barrier around you or your space, deflecting any negative spells or energies aimed at you.

  2. Banishing Negativity: The deep black color represents the void from which all things emerge. Use this candle to banish and neutralize harmful spells, curses, or hexes, restoring a sense of peace and safety.

  3. Reversal Spells: In some practices, the black candle is employed to reverse negative intentions, sending the harmful energy back to its source.

  4. Psychic Cleansing: Black candles are often used for psychic cleansing and purification rituals, helping you release and dispel any negative energies or psychic attachments.

  5. Strength and Resilience: The black candle can symbolize your inner strength and resilience, helping you face adversity with courage and determination.

The Against Spells 7 Day Candle in Black is not just a source of illumination; it is a powerful protector and defender. As it burns, it is believed to absorb and transmute negative energy, leaving you with a sense of security and renewed strength.

Whether used in personal rituals, ceremonies, or as part of your spiritual practice, this candle is a symbol of your commitment to defending yourself against negative influences and ensuring that your well-being remains shielded from harm. It is a beacon of protection and a reminder of your innate power to overcome adversity.

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