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7 African Powers Incense - Brown

7 African Powers Incense - Brown

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7 African Powers Incense Sticks - Hex Pack (6 Boxes of 20 Sticks, 120 Sticks Total):

Elevate your spiritual journey with the divine fragrance of 7 African Powers Incense Sticks. This specially crafted hex pack brings you six boxes, each containing 20 incense sticks, totaling 120 sticks. Immerse yourself in the mystical and enchanting aroma, invoking the blessings and guidance of the revered 7 African Powers.

The 7 African Powers, deeply rooted in African and Caribbean spiritual traditions, represent a powerful collective of deities and energies, each contributing unique attributes and blessings. This incense blend is meticulously created to honor and connect with these divine forces, promoting spiritual harmony and protection.

Light a stick of 7 African Powers Incense to create a sacred atmosphere during meditation, prayer, or ritual practices. Allow the fragrant smoke to waft through your space, fostering a sense of tranquility and spiritual alignment. The hex pack design ensures convenience and longevity, making it an excellent addition to your spiritual toolkit.

Each incense stick is crafted with care, using high-quality ingredients to deliver an authentic and captivating scent experience. Embrace the mystical essence of the 7 African Powers and let the aromatic dance of these incense sticks elevate your spiritual ambiance. Price is per one incense stick

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