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Reversal Candle - Yellow/Green - 7 Day

Reversal Candle - Yellow/Green - 7 Day

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The Reversible 7 Day Candle in Yellow and Green serves as a symbol of reversing and repelling negative energies, curses, or ill intentions that may have been directed toward you. It combines the energies of yellow and green, each with its unique associations.

Here's how this candle is typically used:

  1. Reversing Negativity: Light this candle when you suspect that negative energies, curses, or hexes have been sent your way. It represents the intention to reverse and deflect these negative influences.

  2. Protection and Cleansing: Yellow and green candles are often used for purification and protection rituals. This candle can serve as a protective shield against harm.

  3. Healing and Restoration: Use this candle to promote emotional and spiritual healing, as it symbolizes the reversal of negative energy into positive, healing vibrations.

  4. Breaking Hexes: In practices like hoodoo and root work, a reversible candle can be part of a spell to break or send back hexes and curses.

  5. Negativity Removal: Whether it's negative thoughts, energies, or external influences, this candle can help remove them and create a more positive environment.

The Reversible 7 Day Candle in Yellow and Green is not just a source of illumination; it is a powerful tool for aligning your energy with the vibrations of reversal and protection. As it burns over the course of seven days, it is believed to intensify your intentions, creating an atmosphere conducive to undoing negativity and repelling harmful influences.

Whether used in personal rituals, ceremonies, or during times when you suspect negative energies or ill intentions, this candle serves as a symbol of your determination to protect yourself and transform negative forces into positive healing energies. It is a beacon of reversal, cleansing, and protection.

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