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Rainbow Plain Candle 7 Day

Rainbow Plain Candle 7 Day

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The Rainbow Plain Candle, with a 7-day burn time, is a symbol of diversity, unity, and celebration. Its vibrant and multicolored design represents inclusivity and the beauty of different colors coming together in harmony.

This candle serves as a versatile and inclusive tool for various rituals and intentions. Whether you want to promote diversity, celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, or simply enjoy the visual beauty of a rainbow, this candle provides a blank canvas for personalization. You can inscribe symbols, write intentions, or anoint it with oils to align it with your specific goals.

Embrace the powerful symbolism of the rainbow and its representation of unity and acceptance with the Rainbow Plain Candle. Its 7-day burn time ensures it will be a long-lasting focal point for your magical workings or as a symbol of inclusivity and diversity.

Whether you're using it for personal growth, celebrations, or simply to enjoy the beauty of the rainbow, this candle is a colorful addition to your candle collection, spreading love and positivity.

Celebrate diversity, promote unity, and add a touch of vibrant color to your rituals with the Rainbow Plain Candle, a symbol of inclusivity and harmony.

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