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Spell Breaker Candle - Black - 7 Day

Spell Breaker Candle - Black - 7 Day

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The Spell Breaker Candle in Black - 7 Day is a powerful and spiritually significant candle designed to aid individuals in breaking free from negative energies, hexes, curses, or spells that may have been cast upon them. Lighting this candle is a ritual that can provide protection, dispel harmful influences, and restore a sense of well-being.


The Spell Breaker Candle in Black - 7 Day is chosen for its association with protection, banishing negative energies, and breaking free from spells:

  1. Black: Black is a color often associated with protection, banishment, and the absorption of negative energy. It symbolizes the ability to dispel darkness and restore balance.

Here's how this candle is typically used:

  1. Hex and Curse Breaking: The Spell Breaker Candle is commonly used to break hexes, curses, or any negative spells that may have been directed towards an individual.

  2. Protection: It serves as a protective shield, helping to repel and dispel negative energy, ensuring that the person is shielded from further harm.

  3. Negative Influence Removal: It can help remove the effects of negative influences and people, promoting a sense of well-being and balance.

  4. Restoration of Balance: Lighting this candle is a ritual to restore balance, harmony, and a sense of peace to one's life.

  5. Defensive Magic: Black candles are often used in defensive magic to reflect or neutralize harmful energies, making them valuable tools for personal protection.

  6. Reclaiming Personal Power: Using the Spell Breaker Candle can help individuals regain control over their lives and reclaim their personal power.

  7. Spiritual Cleansing: It is used to purify one's spiritual and energetic space, making it a useful tool for those seeking spiritual cleansing.

The Spell Breaker Candle in Black - 7 Day serves as a symbol of protection, the dispelling of negative influences, and the breaking of harmful spells. As it burns over seven days, it is believed to intensify its protective and banishing properties.

Whether used in rituals, personal protection, or as part of a spiritual practice, this candle is a powerful tool for dispelling negativity and regaining control over one's life. It represents the ability to break free from the influence of harmful spells and restore balance and well-being.

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