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St. Lazaro Candle - Yellow - 7 Day

St. Lazaro Candle - Yellow - 7 Day

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The St. Lazaro Candle in Yellow - 7 Day is a candle with deep spiritual significance, often used in various religious and spiritual traditions to invoke the blessings and protection of Saint Lazarus, a revered saint known for his association with healing and protection.


The St. Lazaro Candle in Yellow - 7 Day is selected for its connection to Saint Lazarus and the qualities he represents:

  1. Yellow: The color yellow is often associated with healing, hope, and protection, making it an ideal choice for a candle dedicated to Saint Lazarus.

Here's how this candle is typically used:

  1. Healing: Lighting the St. Lazaro Candle is a way to seek the saint's intercession for healing, especially for those facing health challenges or seeking emotional and spiritual well-being.

  2. Protection: Many individuals use this candle as a symbol of protection from harm, both physical and spiritual, calling upon Saint Lazarus as a guardian.

  3. Miracles and Blessings: It is often lit in times of need, asking for the saint's blessings and the possibility of miraculous outcomes.

  4. Spiritual Connection: This candle serves as a means of deepening one's spiritual connection with Saint Lazarus, signifying devotion and seeking his guidance.

  5. Petition for Assistance: Those facing difficulties or seeking solutions to life's challenges often use this candle as a way to petition for assistance.

  6. Renewal and Rebirth: Saint Lazarus is also associated with renewal and rebirth, making this candle suitable for new beginnings.

  7. Community Traditions: The St. Lazaro Candle is used in various community and religious traditions, symbolizing unity and faith.

The St. Lazaro Candle in Yellow - 7 Day is a powerful symbol of healing, protection, and hope, associated with Saint Lazarus' benevolence. As it burns over seven days, it is believed to strengthen the connection with the saint and amplify the power of the petitions made.

Whether used for healing, protection, or seeking spiritual guidance, this candle holds great significance for those who turn to Saint Lazarus in their times of need.

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