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The Healing Bar

White 50 Hour Candle 2 Day

White 50 Hour Candle 2 Day

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The White 50-Hour Candle, designed to burn for two days, introduces an aura of purity, clarity, and tranquility into your environment. White is often associated with peace, spirituality, and illumination, making this candle a versatile and calming addition to your space.

With an extended burn time, the White 50-Hour Candle is perfect for creating a serene ambiance during meditation, prayer, or spiritual practices. It can also be used to symbolize new beginnings, purity, and the cleansing of negative energies.

Embrace the serene and healing qualities of the color white by incorporating the White 50-Hour Candle into your home or sacred space. Its gentle glow can provide a sense of serenity and mindfulness, helping you find inner peace and focus.

Add this candle to your collection, and experience the enduring and peaceful illumination it brings to your surroundings. Whether you're seeking a candle for contemplation, purification, or simply to create a tranquil atmosphere, the White 50-Hour Candle offers a long-lasting source of white candlelight and the calming energy it represents.

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