Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan Salt lamps help with positive energy, clean air, better sleep and ease  anxiety.

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Salt Lamps for Air Quality

One of the most highly reported benefits of maintaining a salt lamp in your home revolves around the ability to improve air quality.  Releasing positive ions into the air, dust particles that may be floating around your home will be attracted to these ions.  Thus, creating healthier breathing air.  This has been particularly helpful for those suffering from allergies and asthma.


Salt Lamps for Sleep

Another further benefit of releasing negative ions into the air is to create a feeling of relaxation.  Many people have reported significant improvement in their sleep pattern when utilizing a salt lamp in the bedroom.  It’s stated that the release of negative ions eases stress to help in the overall feeling of relaxation.


Salt Lamps and Anxiety

Many clinical studies have tested on both human animals conditions before and after the use of a Himalayan salt lamp.  Although studies with rats and mice show an apparent alteration of serotonin levels with the release of negative air ions, the level difference was not as overwhelming in humans.  However, both instances did report a lessor condition of depression and anxiety.  So, we question the levels of anxiety and depression at hand, and the amount of ions released in ratio to body weight and size.  The overwhelming response of testimonials show that that salt lamps have aided in assisting millions who have reported these conditions.


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