Anchored Fantasy (Pisces Rising) Bath Bomb


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As a Pisces Rising, you fall into the most empathetic and dreamy placements for the Ascendant. This sign is known as the psychic of the zodiac and since it’s the last sign, it carries all the other signs in it. Therefore, you are intrinsically linked to all of humanity. However, these traits may occasionally cause the Pisces Rising to have difficulty in staying grounded. To find balance, create boundaries for yourself and have a clear understanding of how to stay on track. Once this is achieved, you can utilize your magical abilities in even the most monotonous circumstances!


Infused with the energy of Black Tourmaline, this protective stone repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attacks. It regulates the energetic systems of the body and has the ability to transmute and purify negative energies and turn them into usable energy. It creates a grounding circuit with the earth’s shifting energy which aids in keeping your energy grounded. It gets rid of negative energies and thoughts to promote well-being and prosperity. It is so powerful; it can help people get by in the most challenging times of their lives.


Scented in a sparkling blend of citrus and yuzu, this pairing will turn your bath waters into a space of clarity!

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