Soft Spot (Taurus Moon)


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For a Taurus ruled by the moon, they remain cool and collected on the exterior. However, to feel a greater sense of self, Moons in Taurus can break free from predictability and welcome the new truths that await and elevate 💚  Dive into the unknown and break loose from the past!


Embedded with the energy of Rainbow Obsidian, this stone shines its multicolored iridescence hue the second it touches the sunlight. With the use of Rainbow Obsidian, our existence becomes a vessel for divine energy. We open ourselves to messages from the beyond, allow the intangible to materialize and grow in the process to reach our ultimate capacity for magic. With Rainbow Obsidian, we are guided and reminded of our bloodline to the cosmic divine space from whence we came.


For a Taurus Moon, they gain the most pleasure through the arts connected with earthly pleasures. Taurus Moon is a creature of comfort, so we crafted up a creamy earthy bar inspired by luxury art for the home and scented it in a soft aroma of cocoa butter and cashmere!

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