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Just who are guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and divine messengers? Even the words can produce comfort, reassurance, and hope, for they suggest the presence of celestial beings who are concerned for our welfare and are somehow involved in our lives and activities here on earth. In hundreds of readings given over a period of decades, famed psychic Edgar Cayce repeatedly confirmed the existence of angels and spirit guides.

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Cayce’s readings not only provide insights into biblical accounts of angels that have been forgotten by history, but he goes on to describe how, in the face of the Oneness of God, the nature of “fallen angels” might be very different than we have ever supposed. On more than twenty occasions, two specific angels also spoke through Edgar Cayce in an effort to bring information from the world of spirit into the material realm. And what may be most amazing, Cayce taught that we as individuals can most effectively open ourselves up to the assistance of the angelic realms by simply seeking our own personal spiritual growth.

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