White Male Image Candle


These candles have been molded to represent a naked man and a naked woman. They come in many different colors including red, green, white, red and black. The candle color is typically chosen to align with your desired outcome.

The name of the person the candle is supposed to represent is etched into the chest of the candle. The candle can be burned by itself or with other candles. Place two image candles facing each other on your altar. Put a red candle in between the two image candles. Light all three candles and slowly move the two image candles closer to each other until they eventually touch.

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Shaped like a man, the white male candle is a powerful addition to candle magic and sympathetic magic, where it is often used to assist in rituals of purification and healing. For healing purposes write the name of the person in need directly on the candle & anoint with our Healing Oil.

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