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The Importance of Grounding


Whether you’re an empath, star seed, energy worker – whatever you call yourself, grounding is necessary. Grounding allows you to be rooted in yourself and can create a shield of protection around yourself. So, what does it mean to be grounded? And how can you do it?

Read below to find out more about grounding and what you can do to ground yourself!

What is Grounding?

Grounding can be looked at from two different lens. Grounding is often seen as a therapeutic technique which quite literally involves kicking your shoes off and feeling Mother Earth beneath your feet. There are a lot of other methods to practice grounding as well including laying out in the grass – the perfect savasana. Swimming is another great alternative for grounding. Many therapists teach grounding techniques as well such as running cool or warm water over your hands, breathing deeply or touching objects around you and feeling their texture, weight, and energy. There is no wrong way to ground – whatever speaks to you is what’s for you!

 It’s been shown to provide benefits such as boosting immunity, regulating sleep, and reducing stress! Grounding has also shown to help alleviate anxiety and depression, as well as be a great pain manager. Humans are bioelectrical beings that carry a positive charge, which can build up in our bodies. Earth has a negative charge. When we make contact through grounding, we discharge our excess energy, producing a healing effect at the cellular level.

While grounding is good for your mind and body, it also has significant benefits for your higher self as well!

Grounding & Your Higher Self

Grounding is extremely important to learn and master before you begin learning magic, doing spell work, manifestations – etc. Becoming centered and channeling your higher self makes your manifestations and intentions that much stronger. Our body is comprised of seven chakras, as many of you may know from our YouTube series! The first chakra, the root chakra goes hand and hand with grounding. The first chakra is concerned with our connection to the earth. This chakra acts as our root connecting us to the planet harmoniously. This chakra is linked to our very basic fundamental needs for survival- sustenance too, along with shelter, safety, and the health of our physical body. Our root chakra allows us to be rooted in the Earth. So, through different grounding methods you can also help align your root chakra which is the base for all the other chakras. If your root chakra is out of balance, everything else will be wobbly as well. Grounding allows a safe layer of protection when we are in environments that energetically throw us for a loop. It also allows us to see things clearly and be able to make sound and reasonable decisions. You can’t perform manifestations, magic, energy work etc. if you are energetically unbalanced, if your higher self is not grounded and rooted to this Earth – which is why grounding is so important.

Other Tools for Grounding

In addition to the methods previously mentioned, there are a lot of other tools you can use to help ground and center, these include – working with certain crystals, essential oils, chants, foods, even colors!

Working with the energy of certain crystals is one of the easiest ways to help aid in grounding. Some of the crystals you can utilize are bloodstone, hematite, red jasper, and garnet. You can carry them around with you when you go somewhere that disrupts you energetically and you can also meditate with them daily if you so choose. I personally carry them with me and take time every day to meditate with a grounding crystal like hematite, holding it to my root chakra – while listening to some peaceful music, often in nature.

Working with scents can also amplify your grounding, scents like amber, frankincense and cedarwood are all great to ground too.

Certain foods like potatoes, roots, foods red in color also help balance your root chakra – therefore providing grounding as well!

I feel the best method is a combination of these things. Eating earthy foods, meditating daily with a grounding crystal – you can even chant the seed word for the root chakra “Lam” while burning your essential oil choices. I also take daily nature walks, and practice breathwork. Don’t’ get caught up in trying to be perfect, simply follow what calls to you and utilize those grounding methods!

I hope this has been informative. If you have any questions or need assistance with grounding and want to learn more, you can visit us in store from 11-8 Monday – Saturday and 12-5 Sunday!

Love & light (and shadow work) to all <3


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