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7 African Powers Candle - Rainbow - 7 Day

7 African Powers Candle - Rainbow - 7 Day

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The 7 African Powers Candle, with its vibrant colors and intricate design, is a representation of seven influential and revered deities or spirits from African and Afro-Caribbean religious traditions. Each of these entities carries a unique set of attributes, powers, and qualities, making this candle a symbol of divine guidance, protection, and blessings.

The candle typically features seven distinct colors, each corresponding to one of the 7 African Powers:

  1. Elegua (Red): The guardian of crossroads and doorways, Elegua is often invoked first to open the path for communication with other spirits.
  2. Obatala (White): The father of all Orishas, Obatala embodies purity, wisdom, and clarity of thought.
  3. Yemaya (Blue): Yemaya is the nurturing and protective mother goddess of the sea, offering emotional healing and guidance.
  4. Oshun (Yellow): Oshun represents love, sensuality, beauty, and prosperity, making her the goddess of sweet waters and rivers.
  5. Chango (Red and White): Chango is the fiery and passionate deity of thunder and lightning, associated with strength, justice, and male virility.
  6. Oya (Burgundy): Oya is the goddess of winds, storms, and change, offering transformation and swift, decisive action.
  7. Ogun (Green): Ogun embodies the energy of iron and warfare, representing strength, protection, and determination. 

When you light the 7 African Powers Candle, it is often accompanied by prayers and offerings to invoke the blessings and guidance of these seven spirits. It is believed to create a powerful connection to the divine forces they represent, providing assistance in various aspects of life, including love, health, prosperity, and protection from negative energies.

Whether used for spiritual rituals or as a decorative item, the 7 African Powers Candle serves as a profound symbol of unity, strength, and divine assistance, making it an essential tool in the practice of African and Afro-Caribbean spirituality.

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